Katie Sheahan



I feel very blessed to serve as the Service Co-Chair for the St. Thomas Aquinas COR team this

coming school year! This is a position I hold very close to my heart, as I have gotten to interact

and befriend the homeless in Boulder and Denver for the past three years. I have met some of

the kindest souls and most loving friends on the streets, and I am excited to be able to grow in

these friendships and in new ones.

As service co-chairs, my partner and I will organize and direct events to serve our community

and the people around us. We lead street walks down Pearl Street to know and love the

homeless there as well as volunteer our time serving groups like Marisol Health and The Little

Sisters of the Poor. Our main mission is to bring the love of Christ to people of all circumstances

and to serve them as best we can.

I am a 4th year Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major at CU and I am in the graduate portion of

my two-part degree. I am raising and studying marine invertebrates to learn more about how

we can help coral recover from bleaching events. I love serving God’s creation, from our friends

on the street to the tiniest of invertebrates, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!