Emily Baier

INTRAMURALS Email: emily.baier@colorado.edu


As the Intramurals Co-Chair on the COR team being able to use the talents God gave me to play sports fills me with joy. Through being active I am reminded that Jesus has made us all unique and we all add something special to the world.

In my position as an Intramurals Co-Chair, I help to make the intramurals teams for St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. These teams are a way for students in the community to grow closer together. Our goal is to help students grow closer to Jesus through having the opportunity to be competitive and experience community in sports.

I am currently a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Psychology and Elementary Education in hopes that one day I can become a counselor at a Catholic school. I would also love to be a high school volleyball coach. I hope through COR we can grow in community and have fun while praising Jesus!