Chelsea magyar,

Email: chelsea.magyar@colorado.edu
Phone: 720.276.9391

To receive an invitation can be life-giving and even life-changing, and as Communications Chair for COR, I get to engage in the ministry of invitation. Through keeping the community up-to-date on what is going on at St. Tom's and how to participate, I love encountering such amazing and beautiful individuals who are seeking happiness and striving for goodness. 

As Communications Chair, I help advertise COR events such as dances and street walks, assist with organizing St. Tom's events that happen on the CU campus such as Mass on the Grass, and I find ways to help people connect with each other and plug into the ministries that help them be their best. 

I am currently a first year MA student in Communication studying how dance can be used as a communicative resource to build community and address social issues. Catch me on the dance floor, and say yes when I invite you to stuff!