The Sacrament of Marriage and Holy Orders are two sides of the same paternal/maternal coin. We are all called to love the highest calling of love is fruitful. This class talks bout the paternal/maternal aspects of both vocations and explaining how every single human being is called to be a mother or father and what that means for people who simply love single lives.

Matt’s keynote presentations: The Sacrament of Marriage & Sexual Ethics


  • Think of one person in your life that you have a tendency to put in a box (i.e. acts this way and that way all the time). Pray to Jesus for the grace to see them as He sees them: As a person to be continuously pursued as a gift to be discovered.

  • Then do one thing each day to learn more about this person to prevent numbing of the pursuit of discovery.

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Prayer Practice:
Ask this of yourself when praying with Ephesians 5:21-33

  • What would need to happen to make this passage something desirable?

  • What would the man need to be like?

  • What would the woman need to be like?

  • How would the relationship need to look like?

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