The Voice for Those Who Do Not Speak: Humanity and the Culture of Death

October 1, 2015

J. D. Flynn

We live in a culture of radical individualism and lonely isolation. The culture of life is a culture of community, and a culture of friendship. Encountering the voiceless, the vulnerable, and the rejected in friendship and Christian community helps us to become voices for the voiceless, and to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Life. JD Flynn speaks from his own experience on the importance of encounter and community in the new evangelization and the Gospel of Life.

Redefining Marriage: Why it Matters

March 19, 2015

Dr. Ryan T. Anderson

As the question of marriage heads to the Supreme Court, Dr. Anderson joined us to discuss the concepts of what marriage is, why marriage matters, and what the consequences are if we redefine marriage. Dr. Anderson also discussed why the U.S. Constitution does not require a redefinition of marriage.  

The Science of Attraction: A New View on Sex

November 6, 2014

Mrs. Vicki Thorn

World-renowned speaker and writer, Vicki Thorn will use this lecture to show how men and women are inherently different, yet are built to complement each other. She will explain the biochemistry of sex, the problems of the sexual revolution and the fascinating science of attraction. Ms. Thorn will use biological data to question whether the Catholic Church's teaching on sexual morality is really as outdated as some suggest, or if it has significant benefits for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of men and women today.

Jesus and Mohammed: Making Sense of the Modern Middle East

September 18, 2014

Mr. André Houssney

How should Americans, and specifically, American Christians make sense of the current tension and violence in the Middle East? Jesus and Mohammed are unquestionably two of the most influential men in human history. One a Jew, the other an Arab, each attracted a huge following among peoples of the Middle East. But far from simply being figures of the ancient past, these two leaders remain influential today in their teachings and personal example. By comparing their lives and lessons, we can begin to gain insight into the modern Middle East.

"The Poor You Will Always Have With You": Social Justice in the Time of Pope Francis

April 24, 2014

Dr. Jonathan Reyes

Pope Francis, in word and deed, has made the idea of encounter with the poor the heart of his vision of social justice. By encounter he means more than simply offering aid, rather he is pointing to a genuine relationship with God and the marginalized: one that includes material and spiritual aid. Drawing from his many verbal and written statements, this lecture will consider Pope Francis’ diagnosis of the challenges we face, his vision of a way to build a more human social order, and consider the ways his teaching both draws from the Catholic Social Teaching tradition and adds to our understanding of how to apply it in our present circumstances. 

Women's 21st Century "Roles"; A Catholic Perspective

November 8, 2013

Dr. Helen Alvaré

Dr. Alvaré will be discussing the Catholic ideal of feminism and discussing whether a woman today can have family and a career. Can women really “have it all”, and how should society look at shifting gender roles? 

Sacred Architecture: How to Make Your Church "Look Like" a Church (and Why it Matters)


October 21, 2013

Dr. Denis McNamara

Catholic liturgical art and architecture play a formative role in the very experience of worship itself, mediating to the eyes the glorified realities of heaven. A properly designed church shows the worshippers their heavenly future while at the same time fulfilling the typologies of salvation history and the indwelling of God in creation. Learn why the Temple of Solomon, the concept of Christians as living stones, and the Heavenly Jerusalem ought to inspire church buildings, and what happens when they do not. 

Are We Living in the Matrix? Film and Television: Finding Goodness, Truth and Beauty in a World of Screens


September 18, 2013

Fr. John Riley

The majority of Americans spend an average of 5 hours a day staring into a screen; typing on a laptop, relaxing on the couch before a TV at home, dashing off emails from the palm of our hand. How does this lifestyle impact and transform us? Have we become a nation of "watchers" rather than "do-ers"? This evening we'll consider our experience of "The Screen" in our lives; How we are manipulated and molded by the media, and also how we can use the media to more effectively engage and be transformed by the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. 

Ecological Musings From the Garden: Finding a Place for God

April 8, 2013

Dr. Vigen Guroian

What does it mean to make a place for God in our lives? What can the created world and its cycles teach us about who God is and who He created us to be? Join theologian and master gardener Dr. Vigen Guroian as he explores the meaning of beauty, and its relationship to virtue, the spiritual life and living out the Easter mysteries . 

Changing Demographics: The Future of the Catholic Church in America and the World

February 11, 2013

Mr. Alejandro Bermudez

The world is changing daily. Wars, culture battles, evolving media. Where does the Church fit in to a changing world? Where is the Catholic Church thriving and where is it shrinking? How will the Church look globally in the next few years and what are the current tendencies that can help us understand the future? Theology, history and hard current data  present possible scenarios of where the Church may be going and what role the current generation of Catholics may play.  

Clothing the Naked Public Square: Politics and Catholic Social Teaching

October 23, 2012

Msgr. Stuart Swetland

What does it mean to be a faithful Catholic and a faithful citizen in today’s confusing political climate? In this lecture, Monsignor Swetland will discuss the Catholic duty to participate in the political process, the formation of a good conscience in light of the Gospel message and Catholic Social Teaching, and why Catholics should feel homeless in today’s American political structure. 

Catholic Troublemaking in U.S. Politics

October 8, 2012

Mr. Michael Sean Winters

In this lecture, Catholic commentator and blogger Michael Sean Winters asks how Catholics - bishops, clergy and laity - can and should involve themselves and their ideas in America's raucous political life. He will focus not only on recent dust-ups like the Obama administration's contraception mandate, but at the deeper trends in American politics that should worry Catholics, as well as some trends within the Church that should worry everyone. 

Women for Freedom: Religious Liberty and the HHS Mandate

September 19, 2012

Ms. Kim Daniels

The Catholic Church has led opposition to the HHS mandate that employers facilitate insurance coverage for contraceptives, abortion-causing drugs, and sterilizations even when such coverage violates deeply-held religious beliefs. Some have argued that opponents of this mandate are waging a "war on women." In fact, the mandate violates religious liberty protections that until recently have enjoyed broad, bipartisan support, and Catholic women are not fair-weather believers willing to trade away limits on their religious freedom.