The annual Aquinas Institute lecture series brings some of the most important Catholic speakers, teachers, and thinkers to Boulder to address topics and issues that effect the lives of our students and our community. Past lectures have addressed topics ranging from prayer, to politics, to art and literature, to ecology, and to the media. 


Throughout the year, the Aquinas Institute hosts classes for both students and parishioners on various biblical and theological topics. Past classes have covered topics ranging from Theology of the Body, the Jewish and Old Testament roots of Christianity, Salvation History, Discipleship, and classes on individual books of the Bible. 

Great Debates 

Each year, the Aquinas Institute hosts its annual “Great Debate”. In the past, It has addressed topics ranging from the death penalty, to same-sex marriage, physician assisted suicide, to capitalism, and even atheism. Debaters have included thinkers such as George Weigel, Robert George, Dinesh Desouza, Janet Smith, Christopher Hitchens, Peter Kreeft, Helen Avaré, and many others. We try to represent the Catholic (and greater Christian) worldview in an honest and charitable way in the heart of CU and Boulder.