Title: Coordinator of Campus Ministry
Email: matthew.boettger@thomascenter.og
Phone: 720.408.0032


My favorite part of ministry is to witness a student transition from being timid about the Faith in fear of “not being allowed to be who he/she is” as a Catholic, to fully embracing the faith. Witnessing the student’s realization that not only did they not lose themselves by embracing the Faith, they actually became more of themselves is a great grace for me. This is why I love our ministry!

I have the pleasure of serving St. Thomas Aquinas the Coordinator of Campus Ministry. This gives me the opportunity to work regularly with our incredible ministry team. I also coordinate and teach RCIA, which is the formal process that individuals go through to become Catholic. I had the pleasure of starting The Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought (AICT) back in 2007, which is our intellectual formation arm of our ministry. I also started and continue to oversee our COR Student Leadership Team. When time permits, I love to teach on practical skills like organization, good study habits, money management, and on dating (i.e. Theology of the Body).

Personally, I love reading, running, technology (undergraduate was in Computer Science), productivity theories, and a good glass of wine or bourbon while listening to some great jazz. I have a beautiful wife, am blessed to have two sons (Irish Twins), and one energetic and lawn-destroying dog.