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Seth Perry, Service

Phone: 720.530.3188

I truly enjoy investing in the St. Thomas Community. It is such a joy for me to see God working in people’s lives and in the community as a whole. It has been wonderful to see everyone not only growing closer to God, but closer together as well. I pray that I am able to contribute to this. 

As the Services Co-Chair of the COR Team, my responsibilities include coordinating student outreach to various groups around Boulder. Currently, students at St. Thomas are currently volunteering in a number of different ways with a number of different organizations, from University Hills Elementary School to the Harvest of Hope Food Bank. 

I am currently a Junior in Computer Science at CU. I love reading, listening to music, and playing the guitar. I was born in Seattle (I’m convinced that this is where I get my love of the rain), and raised in Lakewood, Colorado.