Renee Blevins, Annual Socials

Phone: 901.483.3146

I love being busy.  If you were to ask me for a detailed plan of the next five days in my life, I would without a doubt have it scheduled down to every hour.  I love people, I love being active, and I love God.  I desire to be in community with others.  The glory of God is man fully alive, and my alive just happens to consist of two workouts a day and practices that start before the sun rises.   

    Being around other people gives me life; I am definitely an extrovert.  I get so much energy from being around others.  Experiencing the joy of those around me in the vibrant community that is St. Tom’s made me want the opportunity to be more involved.  So at the end of my first year at CU, I applied to COR team.  In my position as Annual Socials Co-Chair, I get the honor of helping create fun, exciting opportunities for genuine encounter.  Fellowship is such an important part of our faith; we are not meant to walk alone!  Everyone wants to be known; we all desire to be invited in to something.  I plan, invite, and make events happen that are centered on Christ and loving His children.  What has been so incredible for me personally is seeing the dedication of my peers to Christ.  When all of our encounters are rooted in Him, relationships are deeper, laughter is more fulfilling, and life is lived to the fullest.  

    I don’t often have free time. I’m usually busy with practice with the Triathlon Team, eating, meetings for my sorority, giving tours on campus, praying, attending Mass, eating again, or spending time (sometimes) doing homework.  I guess you could say all my time is free and that’s just how I happen to fill it up...although I do tend to sneak away for a weekend to ski or camp if I can.