Our culture believes that contraception is one of the greatest inventions of the late twentieth century. Promoters of contraception argued that it would decrease unwed pregnancy and abortion and improve marriages. Prof. Smith will illustrate that such has not happened and will explain why the Church argues that contraception diminishes the total self-giving that is of the essence of marriage. She will explain why natural family planning is not the same as contraception and why couples using NFP report great benefits to their marriage and why they rarely divorce. BIO:  Dr. Janet E. Smith holds the Father Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. She is the author of Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later, editor of Why Humanae Vitae Was Right: A Reader. She has published many articles on ethical and bioethics issues. She has taught at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Dallas. Prof. Smith has received the Haggar Teaching Award from the University of Dallas, the Prolife Person of the Year from the Diocese of Dallas, and the Cardinal Wright Award from the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars. She is serving a second term as a consultor to the Pontifical Council on the Family. Over a million copies of her talk, "Contraception: Why Not" have been distributed.