Emily Cates, President

Email: emilycates27@gmail.com
Phone: 303.845.0623

I live everyday with one simple motto: be love.  This gets me out of bed in the morning- knowing that I have the chance to make some kind of difference, no matter how small. 

Because I am blessed with the opportunity to serve as COR President, I have the chance to show this love in a very specific way.  My job is to give to those who serve with me.  I like to describe my role as the hospitable heartbeat of the ministry.  The hearts of those I work with must be filled in order that they can share with those around them.  Therefore, I try to keep an eye on the needs of the campus and equip people to meet those needs. 

My favorite pastime is being with people, so I am into anything that lets me do this.  I love to put pen to paper and sketch, play a few chords on the guitar, leave my chalk mark in the bouldering gym, and drink a cup of joe at trendy cafés on Pearl Street.