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Julianna Ancmon, Outdoor Activities

Phone: 720.361.6815

As a full time Junior, I study English Literature and Education at CU Boulder and it can sometimes be very easy to get lost amongst the mass crowds that flood campus. I truly believe that the community at St. Thomas Aquinas Student Center has gifted me with an identity among the faces in a crowd.  

Being a part of COR has allowed me to share my love and passion for the beautiful gift of nature that God has created. The Outdoor Activities position has blessed me with an opportunity to share with my fellow students the amazing relationship that can be found while in nature with God. My position has provided me with the chance to organize and create outdoor events for my fellow students. This also includes working with Creatio, and together it is our goal to provide students with an encounter of God in nature and breaking out of our comfort zones. Some of our most popular outings have been hiking/camping in The Great Sand Dunes all the way to Snowshoeing and so much more.  

In addition to my passion for adventures/outdoor exploration, I enjoy reading/writing, baking intricate cookies/cakes, creating handmade tye dye shirts, catch up with friends and most importantly I spend most of my time with the people I love the most. My family is a big part of who I am and I will always continue to pray for their unconditional love and support that God has blessed me with.