Welcome to Children's Formation at St. Tom's

St. Thomas Aquinas Religious Education is available for children in grades 1 through 8. Classes meet weekly during the school year, 10:15-11:30am Sunday mornings. Participation in RE classes is required for children who are preparing to receive sacraments this year (for home-school option contact parish office).

Tuition fee is requested at time of registration (either partial payment or full amount). Tuition assistance is available to all in need. Registration form/calendar are available here and in the church narthex.

Classes begin October 2nd.

Registration Deadline: September 13th, 2015

Please consider volunteering as a catechist! We have a unique blend of CU students, parishioners, and parents teaching in our classrooms. It’s a great ministry to get involved in: meet some cool people and share your faith with our parish children! Email patty.quinn@thomascenter.org for more information.

First Grade through Fifth Grade
Each year children are introduced to and revisit the following topics: God, Jesus, the Church/Creed, Sacraments, Morality, Prayer, Catholic Social Teaching, and Scripture.
In addition to these traditional topics, children will spend some time in each class exploring faith through art, becoming more familiar with our Church’s great tradition of visual art from every era. Your children will bring home weekly ‘Living My Faith’ reviews which provide a brief summary of what your child learned in class that day, along with weekly suggestions to bring the learning home (family service activities, discussion topics and prayers). New this year: Confirmation preparation will be added to the 5th grade curriculum. Confirmation Prep retreat day March 19 9am-2pm.

Sixth and Seventh Grade
Our enthusiastic team of CU students lead our middle-schoolers in a study of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospels on alternating years so that students may come to a better understanding of the Holy Bible. Through work and play, our engaging teachers will help students make connections to Catholic beliefs and traditions. New this year: Confirmation preparation will be added to the 6th grade curriculum. Confirmation Prep retreat day March 19 9am-2pm.

Confirmation is also offered to 7th and 8th graders who have not yet been confirmed.

Eighth Grade
This year of learning offers an overview of Catholic teaching (all the topics covered in 1st-7th grades) presented in a fresh way that is especially relevant to young teens.  Our dynamic team of CU students present the Catholic faith to 8th-graders, encouraging them to become more intimately united with Christ and more in-touch with the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. A highlight of the 8th grade RE experience is a winter overnight retreat - date TBD.