Max Buechler, Socials 

Phone: 303.809.9007



Spending time with friends and family, and getting to know new people, is something that I always love to do and to see where those relationships can go. Being around people is always fun to me especially when it's at a fun event, and these events that were put on last year really helped me find myself here in the St Tom's community so it will be fun to help give people the place to do the same.

As the co-chair for Socials on COR this year I will be planning, setting up, and cleaning different events going on at St. Tom's. These events will be things like dances and some parties aimed to just bring people together to have fun and grow in their relationships with the people within this community. 

Some other things I love to do is to ski whenever possible, spend nice days juggling, and I almost never say no to a good board/card game. Everything I love to do is always made better when done with my family or some close friends and just enjoying each others company is one of my favorite things.