MaTTI TARBOX, Communications 

Phone: 303.374.4491


Being involved with the St Tom's community and all the genuine love, energy, quirkiness, and formation that comes with it has been a blessing to me at CU. The power of a community that loves the Lord and wants to help its members feed their passion for our church inspires me. What gives me life is sharing this infectious light from Christ everyday with our families, friends, and campus. 

As Director of Communications, I will have a legit excuse to be even more pumped about what the St Toms community has going on at the Catholic Center and to share opportunities for everything that people can get involved in! I hope to expand communication outlets to more easily share info with our community about what Cor and it's many partners are up to.

I am a Junior studying Business Marketing with a minor in Spanish Language. Besides coordinating Cor's communication channels (alliteration, eh?), you can usually catch me busting a move with my a Capella choir, running around and being Boulder in our breathtaking city, or potentially daydreaming about future travels. If I ever go MIA, you'll surely find me somewhere outdoors or rowdily cheering on our Buffs sports teams.