Kimberly Rivera, Service

Phone: 719.510.1211 

Nothing is more meaningful to me than feeling like I have made an impact to the world around me, regardless of how minuscule that impact may be. I really enjoy giving back to others and I love talking with people and discovering random connections.

My decision to come to Boulder was one of the most spontaneous, last minute decisions I had ever made in my life. I trusted that God was pointing me in the right direction, and when I finally discovered St. Tom’s, I knew I found a community I could finally call home. As service Co-Chair for COR, I help create opportunities for students to give back to the community here in Boulder. Our primary goal is to reach out to a variety of diverse community members and serve others to the best of our ability.

I’m currently a sophomore majoring in art and psychology, and minoring in mathematics. In the future I hope to do art therapy with kids suffering from cancer or impacted by a family member with cancer. When I’m not busy with COR, I’m with my sorority, planning Relay for Life, working as a barista, being an RA, or spending countless hours in the art studio.