Karissa Dahlquist, Weekly Socials 

Email: karissa.dahlquist@colorado.edu
Phone: 303.915.6962

Witnessing how the faith and the Eucharist bring people an inexplicable joy is what gives me life! I have a deep love for the mercy of God and am constantly reminded of this in seeing the transformation of not only my life, but also the lives of others in how Christ continually pours himself out to us to draw us all the closer to himself. 

With the help of my partner in crime, Alec Weed, we facilitate and help plan frequent socials amongst the other outreach opportunities at St Thomas Aquinas for students to have more encounters that help to get them plugged in. Our desire is to give students more opportunities to foster relationships amongst each other and thus develop a stronger, more authentic and loving community. 

I am an extremely outgoing super sanguine who loves to be around people! If there are people and a party: you can bet I’ll be there! Being active and outdoors amongst the beauty of God’s creation are my favorite ways to spend my time, but most importantly while being present with those I love!