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I can find genuine pleasure in a variety of things, whether it be Rockies Baseball, a CS Lewis novel, or just hanging out with friends. However, the full beauty, truth, and goodness of anything I do—the part of them that gives me life, that is—is the myriad of ways they lead me into a closer relationship with God. Something without God might be entertaining for a brief time but without Him it will become too tedious too quickly.

In my position as a Pro-Life Co-Chair, I work to bring others closer to Christ through a gift of themselves in defense of another. Whether it be more private displays of faith like a prayer vigil, or public affairs such as a Divine Mercy Chaplet outside the abortion clinic, I try to coordinate the St. Tom’s community in growing closer together by fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves. 

As an interesting footnote, I once got detention (along with about 8 of my friends) in high school for skipping class to get an organ (as in the instrument) from a couple who was moving and take it to my house.