"EVENT OF THE CENTURY" is what Lebron James is calling SEEK 2017. 

In a group interview he did with John Cena, Peyton Manning, Macklemore's nephew Mickelmore, and Keenan Fitzpatrick lookalike Russell Brand were all quoted as saying "This event is going to be lit."

"I am skipping dancing with the stars to go to SEEK" said Ann Wagner.

"I am skipping crossfit that week to go to SEEK and I never skip crossfit. You all know how much I love crossfit. I'm thinking about writing a blog about crossfit." said Sean Turgeon.

Enough said. The people of our generation have spoken and it's time we listen y'all. I AM SO TIRED of you guys not listening to the people of our generation. It's time we take a stand. I stand with Sean Turgeon & Ann Wagner. I stand with SEEK2017.

Right now you are probably asking, "What is SEEK?" hahaha I'm laughing so hard because it is so convenient that you asked that!

January 3-7 we're going to San Antonio for amazing conference put on by FOCUS-Fellowship of Catholic University Students. See more atseek2017.com

The overall cost is $399 but if you sign up at the party on October 6th it's only $299 and you can officially sign up for $100 and pay the rest later.

P.S. the Oh Hellos will be there.


**disclaimer-Sean Turgeon does not approve this message**