The Lanky Guys podcast is going LIVE on Thursday, April 26th! We received so much positive feedback about Fr. Peter and Dr. Scott’s Facebook live broadcast last November, that we decided that it was time to do it again!  We've chosen the feast day of one of our newest favorite Saints, whose name you hear at Mass, but you probably don't know much about...St. Cletus! 

St. Cletus was the third pope and, according to tradition, he was the first to establish small communities, or parishes. In fact, he is said to have established 25 parishes in Rome during the first century. 

In honor of St. Cletus’ incredible ministry, we will also be asking for your help in raising $25k in 25 hours, to continue the many incredible ministries of the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center! 

Please JOIN US on Thursday, April 26th at 10:30am MT at Drogo's Coffee Bar in the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center or live on Facebook for this exciting event! St. Cletus, pray for us!