If you like camping, s'mores, and Colorado in the fall, join us for a little one-night getaway at the beautiful Guanella Pass! We'll do a casual hike, hang out by the campfire, do other fun things (spikeball tourney??) with the option to do a longer hike on Sunday. 
We'll meet at the Catholic Center on Saturday and carpool the 45 mins up to Georgetown. A group will head back to Boulder earlier Sunday while anyone who wants to can climb Mt. Bierstadt and head back in the afternoon! 
Another reason to come... we get to camp with a group of Christ in the City missionaries! So come. Invite your friends. It'll be great. Sko camping
Trip Plans will be emailed to all those who sign up at the link included: https://goo.gl/forms/7kzhSpszhxxRLeDf1.

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