WELCOME BACK FOLKS! YOU ARE MORE THAN LUCKY TO BE INVITED TO THIS Dress like a Dad PARTY!!!------>except not really because we're inviting everyone.

Odds are that Thursday, May 4th is going to be the best Thursday of the month most likely we hope because of this party.

"We think Dad Party 2k17 in Boulder is going to revolutionize partying for decades to come." -Forbes

"Can't imagine looking at my children in the eyes and telling them I passed up a chance to go to Dad Party 2k17." -Harambe's widowed wife

"I will be at Dad Party 2k17 on May 4th in Boulder, Colorado." -Bono from U2

Y'all!! This is seriously our chance to show the world and Sean Turgeonthat we know how to party like dads (and moms)! 

Many of you are wondering what could such a life changing event entail... Well that's funny you are wondering it because I am going to address that question right now:

-All party participants will be dressed like a dad!
-Except some female party participants will choose to dress like moms (see talbots.com for costume ideas)
-Snacks that would be at a normal dad party which means a lot because you know mom gets self conscious and totally overworks herself for these parties and buys the most expensive salami
-There will also be drinks that would be at a normal dad party for both parents and kids so those of age can bring dad & mom beverages and those not of age cannot and if they do they will be grounded for the unforeseeable future and will not go to summer camp this summer and I will be issuing an extra book report for them to do during that week and it will be on a book of my choice which will most likely be one of the Twilight books.
-all of your friends who just got off work and want to blow some steam off because the kids just got detention and you really don't want to go to the parent-teacher meeting
-celebrating new dads like Sean Turgeon

THERE IT IS Y'ALL! Welcome to the revolution sweeping across the nation...DAD PARTY 2K17!

A lot of people have been asking me, "Sean, what is currently sweeping across the nation?" so I'm delivering on my promise to these people by introducing Dad Party to the students of CU.

See you Thursday.