Emma Konizeski, Pro-Life

Email: emma.rose1410@live.com
Phone: 720.206.4964

The most meaningful encounters I have had throughout my life have always been with people who truly value me as a person and respect my dignity as a woman and, at a more basic level, as a human. I have always made an effort to have at the center of my life this value of personhood, this desire to love all for who and what they are at their core. In this way, I also strive to live the way that Jesus lived by allowing His love to permeate throughout my interactions. 

 As the first Pro-Life chair on St. Thomas Aquinas’s COR team, I am responsible for supporting the culture of life throughout the campus and student ministry in Boulder. This is a new position, so we are in the fledgling stages of ministry and are working towards diversifying and spreading out to more projects. Currently, we pray at the Boulder Abortion Clinic regularly and attend yearly events including the Walk for Life in San Francisco. 

 Though I have lived in Colorado my entire life, the beauty and majesty of this state has never been lost on me. I grew up in Littleton, Colorado, but have made Boulder my home and I have the St. Thomas Aquinas community to thank! I enjoy reading, calligraphy, and doing all sorts of art projects. You can usually find me at the Student Center talking someone’s ear off about the meaning behind song lyrics or John Milton’s Paradise Lost while making delicious espresso drinks.