COR Mission

COR Mission

The COR Group seeks to incorporate all students into the one body, uniting all things in the one Christ through the bridge of our humanity. This bridge confers four particular responsibilities:

1. Personal Holiness
     Our humanity is most fully alive when we have the freedom to live lives of integrity, thus we strive for personal holiness at all times, being quick to make public our inevitable faults through the sacrament of reconciliation and shunning false piety.

2. Delighting in the Communion
     Recognizing that while our call to holiness is profoundly personal it is not private, we seek to strengthen the bond of love through opportunities to delight in the communion we share in Christ in the Eucharist which is both the source and summit of our Christian life.

3. Missionary Witness
     Receiving the call to make disciples of all nations, we engage and invite others into our shared communion through the witness of love which has at its core value, the value of the unrepeatable person. Through this personal investment and invitation, we offer the graces of fellowship to restore false images of God corrupted by unholy relationships, the building of trust, the healing of wounds, and the openness to faith oriented to a more authentic imago dei appropriated from a authentic Christian communion.

4. Uniting All Things In Mass
     As we facilitate an encounter with Christ through the bridge of our humanity in the spirit of John the Baptist (you must increase and I must decrease), we are becoming agents of Eucharistic communion, drawing/uniting all those we come in contact with, ultimately to the fullness of life in Mass (cf. Jn. 12.32; 1 Tim. 2/5).