COR Leadership Positions

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Not surprisingly, Jesus was a visionary. The mission of Jesus was simply to do His Father’s will and every action communicated this larger intention (cf. Jhn 4.34). Every decision from choosing his twelve closest followers, His circuitous routes toward Jerusalem, to His regular retreats to the mountains were firmly set on the foundation of Christ’s vision. The president's primary responsibility is to ensure that the vision, inspiration and formation of the COR leadership team, never drifts off track. In light of this, the responsibilities of the President include but are not limited to:

Alignment: As the Director of Alignment, the president serves as the compass, continuously monitoring the general direction of COR activities, ensuring that both the vision and mission of COR is being maintained. The president fulfills this duty by ensuring that COR initiatives are in alignment with the vision and mission and offering recalibration when necessary. The president will oversee yearly mission statement creations for each chair of COR, offering the opportunity for each position to align more closely with the unique gifts of the COR team as well as the ministry at large.

Retention: As the Retention Manager, the president will monitor all leaders within COR, guiding them to make prudent decisions whereby both the ministry continuously moves forward while maintaining a sense of joy and freedom within each leadership position. The president will also offer times of inspiration especially during peak seasons of responsibility within COR.

Formation and Leisure: As the Coordinator for Formation and Leisure, the president will ensure that COR is receiving continued formation in leadership and spirituality (i.e. seminars, workshops, retreats). In addition, the President will promote and plan times of leisure in COR for the sack of community and renewal. Such a roll will include planning at least one retreat a year for COR as well as working with the staff supervisor to offer leadership and spiritual formation.

Hospitality: As the Director of Hospitality, the president will provide a focused and clear voice to the COR regarding the degree our ministry is a welcoming environment. The main responsibility of this roll will be to ensure that each COR initiative does not become an end to itself but always serves as a means for students to be welcomed into this community of faith, ending with an invitation into the sacramental life of the Church.

Other duties of the president would be: 

  • To schedule and preside over weekly COR meetings
  • Meeting bi-monthly with the coordinator of campus ministry
  • Meeting with regularly with COR chaplain who is responsible for addressing the spiritual needs of COR (semester prayer retreats, spiritual direction, pastoral care, coordinating monthly dinners with pastor)
  • Communicating COR to everyone (students, parish)
  • Presiding as student body representative on Pastoral Council



Jesus tells of a story about a man risking mockery by not first counting the cost before building a tower (cf. Luke 14.28-30). Without an eye set on the day-to-day details of COR-lead events, the very dissolve of COR is at risk by way of lack of clarity, commitment and followthrough. It is the vice-president’s responsibility to ensure all COR chair projects and initiatives are executed timely,responsibly and effectively. The responsibilities of the Vice President include but are not limited to:

  • Treasurer
  • Handling all Budget Items for COR
  • Communicating with Matt about Big Ticket Budget Items and requesting over budget expenditures
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Recording Minutes at each Meeting
  • Ensuring all absentee COR members are brought up to speed on any meetings missed
  • Finding replacement if you cannot attend
  • Calendaring
  • Ensuring all events planned by COR are checked with master calendar so that there are no conflicts
  • Ensuring responsible chair reserves appropriate space if it is being held in one of our buildings
  • Ensuring events are recorded in St. Thomas Aquinas Master Calendar with sufficient detail so sponsor of event can be notified directly from calendar if need be
  • Project Manager
  • Initiate, process/record, and followup on all goals and projects
  • Initiate: Organize Goal & Project setting times for COR
  • Processing/Recording: Recording them in Evernote to be shared with ministry
  • Following: Maintaining connection with COR chairs to ensure goals are being pursued and assisting with resources if needed
  • Recording evaluations of each goal whether a success or failure with reasons for either. Record these into Evernote to be shared with ministry
  • Working with President and COR staff supervisor to discuss any disciplinary actions needed due to lack of commitment or followthrough
  • Communications Manager
  • Advertising
  • Assisting with co-chairs to ensure all events are properly communicated with St. Thomas Aquinas Staff via COR staff supervisor: Matt Boettger and Slack in proper channels
  • Documentation
  • Ensuring all important documentation from events sponsored by COR are properly documented in Evernote
  • Procedures, lists, budget/expenses
  • After-action reporting along with pictures/videos associated with event
  • Ensuring number of attendees per event is recorded in After Action Report AND statistics excel sheet
  • Meeting with Staff Supervisor bimonthly
  • Ensuring that by-laws and constitution are observed



We serve because, being made in the image of God, it is at the core of our humanity (cf. Mark 10.45; Lk. 22.25-27). The service co-chairs will have the opportunity to engage a culture turned inward on itself, calling them to a more authentic life through the practice of a sincere gift of self for it is the Church’s belief that only through a sincere gift of self will we truly find ourselves in Jesus Christ (cf. Gaudium et Spes 22.1; 24.3). The responsibilities of the Service Co-Chairs include but are not limited to:

  • Offering at least one service opportunity a month, providing diverse opportunities so as to afford as many students as possible the opportunity to encounter Christ in the act of service.
  • Collaborating with FOCUS by supplementing our mission trip offerings by planning at least one local alternative Spring Break Mission Trip.
  • Overseeing and organizing local pro-life efforts as well as helping the ministry participate in regional and national pro-life efforts. This could include helping to plan a trip to Washington DC for the March for Life conference.
  • Being in continuous dialogue with the director of Harvest of Hope about how to best create student service opportunities.
  • Strategizing how to followup with all attendees, ensuring each has the opportunity to e invited into communal and sacramental life of the ministry as a whole.


Every chair within COR ultimately has as its a goal to provide every student the opportunity for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Sacramental life of the Church. The sacristan position is at the heart of this goal in that its primary purpose is to reflect the importance of liturgy by way of invitation to students to participate in the liturgy through serving. The vision of the Sacristan position is to work to create a ministry that enjoys liturgy so much that they cannot help but want to be closer by means of service within Mass. The responsibilities of the Sacristan include but are not limited to:

  • Overseeing setup and cleanup of Tuesday Candlelight Mass as well as Sunday 6pm and 9pm Masses.
  • Coordinating and overseeing student servers, lectors, greeters/ushers for Sunday 6pm and 9pm Masses.
  • Coordinating/scheduling student EMHC and lector for all daily Masses.
  • Working with Deacon Marty, to create and maintain system of student volunteers for all liturgical services.
  • In charge of recording weekly liturgical inventory.
  • Creating opportunities to extend invitations to student men to serve in liturgy.
  • Working with pastors to create a place for young men to grow in faith and discernment of vocation through service at the altar.
  • Assisting pastor in training workshops.
  • Collaborating with the new initiative to train student volunteers who read announcements before Sunday Masses.
  • Regular reporting to Father Peter about additional Sacristan duties.



In the beginning, God created man and woman and on their first full day, the two rested (cf. Gen. 1.26-2.3). Leisure is a fundamental component of the Christian life and without it, all our work will be meaningless suffering. We engage in leisure so that we can work with energy, freedom, creativity, intentionality, joy and confidence. It is in the joy and internal quietness of leisure that we have the opportunity to encounter the Lord (cf. Ps. 46.10; Ex. 14.14). The intramural co-chairs will have the opportunity to engage a particular culture struggling with the ability to enter into genuine leisure, often times substituting it for consumerism and hedonism. This position will offer the students of CU the opportunity to enter into the joy and celebration of leisure, thus opening their hearts to receive the gift God’s love. The responsibilities of the Intramural so-chairs include but are not limited to:

  • Advertising each session of intramural sports to all students, selecting captains* and assigning each captain players for each team.
  • Overseeing all monetary transactions through the captains of each team and recording who all has paid.
  • Disbursement of Intramural T-shirts to captains upon confirmation of payment.
  • Creation and maintenance of intramural database, recording payment information of each team member as well as engagement level of each player with the ministry at large.
  • Communication with captain, ensuring each captain is taking small group model** of ministry seriously and incorporating it into their teams. In addition, the co-chairs will confirm that each captain is intentionally invited them into a deeper relationship within the team itself and within the greater St. Thomas Aquinas Community and ultimately the sacramental life of the Church.
  • Ensuring the Office Manager is made aware of all intramural games that St. Thomas Aquinas is playing so that he/she can advertise each game from within the ministry, offering the community the opportunity to support our teams.

The co-chairs would be responsible in working with the parochial vicar in planning the yearly Jews vs. Catholics men’s basketball tournament in mid to late October.

* - Captains must by practicing Catholics who are competent and confident in communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in the Magisterium of the Church by both word and deed.
** - At this point, a small group is simply defined as a group of individuals meeting regularly who begin and end their time together with prayer. Each small group leader is encouraged (when applicable) to offer an atmosphere to spiritual dialogue.



From the beginning, it was never good for man and woman to be alone (cf. Gen. 2.18). Written in our nature, we are called into communion and it is this communion which affords the individual the opportunity to approach the threshold of hope in Jesus Christ with confidence. Jesus Himself sends out his disciples two-by-two knowing that the temptations of this world are too powerful to face on one’s one (cf. Mark 6.7). The social co-chairs will have the opportunity to engage a self-alienated culture, calling them into an authentic communion thus freeing and energizing them not only to engage the most meaningful questions in life, but also offering them the courage they need to respond in faith to an encounter with Jesus Christ (cf. Religious Sense, pp. 128-131). The responsibilities of the Social co-chairs include but are not limited to:

  • Offering at least one social per month during the academic year, providing a spectrum of socials so as to engage the CU student body at large with engaging opportunities for all types of students ( nights, hikes, camping, skiing, house parties, student center parties, etc.).
  • Overseeing Sunday Suppers by ensuring someone is there to open with prayer and to find six volunteers to help clean up.
  • Oversee and plan the annual social events which have been traditionally hosted by St. Thomas Aquinas (i.e. Halloween Dance, Advent Ball, Super Bowl Party, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day Formal, St. Patty’s Day Party, End of the Academic Year Party).
  • Ensuring that each event is aligned to the over all vision of community leading to communion through the sacramental life of the Church. One such way to fulfill this mission is to ensure opportunities for students to get plugged into small groups.