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colin o'connell, outdoors

Phone: 719.452.9262



The St. Tom's community has been my home since day zero of my time at CU and I'm overjoyed to be able to share it with others! I believe it is so important to develop meaningful, authentic relationships with others, and St. Tom's does just that by giving everyone the opportunity to connect with hundreds of truly cool, exciting, funny, loving, adventurous, and faith-filled people leading each other to the Lord.

Name a better place than Boulder to be in charge of outdoor activities! I am so excited to help lead everyone on some amazing adventures this coming year. We've got so much in store - from day hikes to camping trips to 14ers to who knows what! I can't wait to share in fellowship in God's incredible creation.

I am a Junior studying Computer Science and Economics. While I enjoy playing around on computers, nothing beats being on top of a 14er. I love backpacking, snowshoeing, skiing, playing frisbee, climbing (indoor and outdoor), and basically anything outside that doesn't involve a sport I'm terrible at. 

Sko buffs!