Buffalo Awakening Retreat

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Buffalo awakening is a three day, uplifting, HIGH ENERGY retreat specifically designed for and run by college students. The retreat, often nicknamed “BA”, revolves around a series of talks such as, What is a Christian? and Faith, Prayer and Love.

During the retreat, we separate into small groups facilitated by two staffers to discuss the talks and participate in shared activities. There is plenty of music, fun, time for prayer and fellowship. Beyond this, it is impossible to describe Buffalo Awakening to you – it must be experienced!!!


Buffalo Awakening 36

October 11th - 13th, 2019 Annunciation Heights, Estes Park, CO


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The cost is $45 which includes housing and meals. Please pay after you register. Make sure to press the "Submit" button above before paying!


There are scholarships available for the retreat.  Please email bacoordinator@thomascenter.org for more information on scholarships.

Contact Info

Lizzie Lynch - bacoordinator@thomascenter.org