Ben Brazelton, Outdoor Activites

Phone: 720.334.6050

My name is Ben Brazelton. What gets me exited is Love. I constantly receive so much Love through the sacraments and the outdoors that Jesus has really inflamed my desire to share him with the world. God is so good and I just want people to rejoice in joy.

The St. Tom's Outdoor Program brings people out into God's great playground. Everyone wants to go hiking and camping and have fun outside! Yet most importantly Jesus wants to do all those things too!! So we bring together our friends, Jesus and the outdoors. We do this so we can discover how we can grow closer to God, neighbor and nature. It is a great time and a great way to make new friends. 

I grew up in Colorado with the trees and the birds as my neighbors; it was awesome. I have always found peace in the majesty of creation. I constantly am discovering how much I am truly loved by our Creator in the immaculate design of the hills, the mystery of the Mass and the holy Catholic Church. I am so blessed to have received this love and am extremely grateful that I can work with COR in sharing Christs Love.