We end our discussion on Morality with a reflection on the last four of the Ten Commandments through the lens of virtue. With the foundational first three, how can the other four Commandments put an important framework in our pursuit of Holiness?

Matt’s keynote presentations: The Virtue Driven Life


  • Pick one commandment that resonated with you. 

  • Determine the virtue that best overcomes a particular weakness for you within the commandment.

  • Ask Jesus for that virtue!

  • Commit to one thing each day (the night before) that intentionally engages that virtue in your life!

Additional Resources:

Prayer Practice:  Matthew 19:16-22

  • What am I clinging on to for self-preservation?

  • Where do I fall short in being a disciple of Jesus Christ?

  • What is one thing that would make me very sad if I did not have it any more?

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