Annika Reuter,


I’m the co-chair of the outdoors ministry at St. Tom’s. The beauty of creation is the Lord’s love letter to each one of us, and I am so blessed to be able to encounter this beauty, and to help provide opportunities for others to do so. The outdoors is essential as a place where we can challenge ourselves and be vulnerable and authentic, free from the distractions and preoccupations with image that often dominate everyday life. 

Our ministry plans hiking, backpacking, and camping trips and other outdoor activities for the St. Tom’s community. It is a forum by which we hope to bring Christ to students who are already involved at St. Tom’s, as well as to people who are on the margins of the community or not involved at all. 

I’m a senior at CU studying Integrative Physiology and Spanish. After I graduate, I’m planning on continuing my education to become a nurse practitioner. In my free time, I love hiking (obviously), running and training for races, reading (Jane Austen and Tolkien are some of my faves), cooking, and sleeping (which is much too underrated among college students).