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Amanda bagnato, Service

Phone: 720.220.2006



Something that I often think about is how when we open the door to our hearts even just a little bit, Jesus is able to change our lives. For example, by saying “yes” to mass, saying “yes” to a bible study, or saying “yes” to confession, we can experience the transforming love of Christ and discover our desire to know Him. Witnessing others “open the door” and say “yes” to Christ’s love, mercy, and forgiveness is what truly gives me life!

As a Service Co-Chair I coordinate a variety of service opportunities for students to be involved with. I hope that in participating in these opportunities, students will discover a love for making a gift of self and serving the community. Our team wants to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to encounter Christ through service!

I am currently a Sophomore studying Integrative Physiology with a Space Minor. I love being outdoors and experiencing the beauty of God’s creation with friends and family. I enjoy all types of music but you’ll usually find me dancing around to songs from the 70s or 80s!