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Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought

The Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought is the intellectual formation arm of the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center at the University of Colorado in Boulder. We host lectures, debates, classes on Scripture and Catholic teaching, Thirsty Thursdays, podcasts, and aim to promote the Catholic intellectual tradition and the unique voice of the Catholic Church at the University of Colorado. We are also a resource for students, faculty and community members looking to find answers about their Catholic faith.

Dr. Scott Powell oversees the Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought where he teaches theology, podcasts, writes, organizes the Institute's annual lecture series and is a resource for students looking for answers about their Catholic faith. Scott is also an affiliate with the University of Colorado’s Center for Western Civilization, Thought and Policy ( He has also taught at Denver's Augustine Institute, and has spent the last decade teaching Scripture to groups of all ages. He and his wife Annie are the founders and directors of Camp Wojtyla, a Catholic adventure program for youth. Scott completed his Ph.D at Maryvale Institute/Liverpool Hope University in England. He wrote on Ecology and St. Paul. Scott is also a member of the Catholic Speakers Organization, CMG Booking,  Scott's doctoral dissertation, "An Environmental Ethic for the End of the World: An Ecological Midrash on Romans 8:19-22" will be published by Cambridge Scholars Press in 2019. Scott and his wife Annie live outside of Boulder with their children Lily, Samuel, and Evelyn.

Matt Boettger is Coordinator of Campus Ministry at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center and one of the founders of the Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought. In addition to overseeing and training student leaders of the St. Thomas Aquinas COR Team, Matt specializes in Saint John Paul II's Theology of the Body and leads the Thomas Center's very popular RCIA program. He spends much of his day teaching students to order their spiritual and temporal lives.  Matt has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska, and a Masters Degree in New Testament from Denver Seminary. Matt, his wife Janis, and sons Kieran and Jude live in Erie.

To learn more about the AICT and all its events, contact
Scott Powell or Matt Boettger or call at 720-564-1111.

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Introduction to the Bible (THE 110)

The Aquinas Institute for Catholic Thought is launching a brand new, for-credit course starting next semester! Dr. Scott Powell will be offering "Introduction to the Bible" as a 3-credit course on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Catholic Center from 3:45-5:00 starting January 14th. Credit will be offered through the University of Mary, at the low price of only $80!

For more information or questions, contact Scott Powell at:

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To register, download and complete the below forms and return them to Scott Powell via email or in person at 1520 Euclid Ave.

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Did you miss Scott's class, "Sacraments, Scripture, and the Jewish Feasts"? Listen to The whole Thing right here:



Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


The annual Aquinas Institute lecture series brings some of the most important Catholic speakers, teachers, and thinkers to Boulder to address topics and issues that effect the lives of our students and our community. Past lectures have addressed topics ranging from prayer, to politics, to art and literature, to ecology, and to the media. 


Throughout the year, the Aquinas Institute hosts classes for both students and parishioners on various biblical and theological topics. Past classes have covered topics ranging from Theology of the Body, the Jewish and Old Testament roots of Christianity, Salvation History, Discipleship, and classes on individual books of the Bible. 

Great Debates 

Each year, the Aquinas Institute hosts its annual “Great Debate”. In the past, It has addressed topics ranging from the death penalty, to same-sex marriage, physician assisted suicide, to capitalism, and even atheism. Debaters have included thinkers such as George Weigel, Robert George,, Janet Smith, Christopher Hitchens, Peter Kreeft, Helen Avaré, and many others. We try to represent the Catholic (and greater Christian) worldview in an honest and charitable way in the heart of CU and Boulder.

Upcoming Events

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Our 11th Annual Great Debate; "45 Years After Roe Vs. Wade: Should Abortion Remain Legal" is now online. Check it out here:



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Did you miss George Weigel's lecture, "Lessons in Hope: My Life With St. John Paul II"? Listen to the whole thing here: